The right people with the right skills.  In an attempt to reduce costs businesses stretch their people beyond their strengths and into areas which are simply the wrong fit. Is there potential for increased efficiency and growth in your business if all employees were exclusively focused on their core expertise? The best results always come when the right qualities are dedicated to the right task, just as you would never choose a chisel to drive in a nail. Through our friendly consultation process you’ll discover areas where we can help build your business through improved service and by increasing the effectiveness of your existing team too!
Service Edge.  It’s a fact that it’s much harder to find new customers than to keep current ones. Why settle for lukewarm client relationships when you can have loyal raving fans. These relationships in the hands of experts can have the single biggest impact in increasing your profits! We only employ tertiary educated professionals and personality profile them to discover what areas they are best suited to and then assign them where they will excel. Our people also receive ongoing cutting edge training to ensure your representatives are always first class.
Easily save over 50% on costs while increasing efficiency.  Need to expand your team? It’s frightening how all the costs associated with an extra person will affect your bottom line isn’t it? Office space, equipment, furniture, electricity and even consumables such as stationary and bathroom supplies and that’s on top of the labour cost! This needn’t be an obstacle to your business growth though. You might actually be surprised how much we can save you.
Quick expansion/scalability Increase or reduce your team as required.  Do you have a big promotion on the cards? Do you have a peak season coming up? Temporarily ramp up your team and maximise the results. When it’s over simply scale back down again. Enjoy the power of flexibility that Focus Call Solutions can deliver.
Quick Responses.  In this fast paced competitive world customer expectations are high and their time extremely valuable. Speedy professional service can be all the difference between a big win and a lost opportunity. We have prompt service down to an art and can give your business an unfair advantage your competitors will be envious of.
Keep control.  Have the data you need at your finger tips with our customisable reports. We will conveniently email you your report at the frequency of your choosing and with the metrics data you require. As all calls are records for training purposes, we can also email you an mp3 file of one of your calls at your request.
Bulletproof infrastructure.  We’ve looked at all the areas where gremlins can creep into a system and have invested in the most robust and resilient infrastructure money can buy. We use the largest telecommunications providers at both ends (Sydney & Manila) utilising optic fibre services on our primary connection, have a 2nd backup connection (just in case) and direct all calls through a dependable, state of the art phone system from a leading communications solutions company - Avaya. We respect your business is relying on us, so we also have a backup generator to ensure the power is always flowing in the Manila building! What does this all mean to you? Downtime is extremely unlikely and a superior call clarity which is free of annoying lag, crackle and choppiness.
No Long Term Contracts.  We do not believe in long term contracts and prefer to work with you at a month to month basis. We do however believe in delivering results as the foundation for a successful and ongoing business partnership.