What is the process?
Firstly one of our representatives will consult with you to discuss your goals and offer suggestion as to how we can effectively meet them. Once we have a plan you’re happy with, we’ll document this in an agreement and begin the implementation phase. This involves hiring and training of agents as well as the customised configuration of equipment such as phones and computers.
 What is the minimum number of agents I can hire?
2 as a minimum, although 3 is better for inbound calls. We recommend this to ensure there is always an agent covering customer contact during your business hours despite meal and toilet breaks etc.
 How long will it take to get started?
Once the agreements are signed the process will take approximately 40days. Please note this can vary depending on the size, required skills and structure of your team.
 How long is my agreement for?
We don’t believe in long term contracts. We do however believe in delivering results as the foundation for a successful and ongoing business partnership with you. Should you no longer require our service all we require is 30 days notice to conclude our agreement.
 Can I guarantee quality staff?
It is a top priority of ours to ensure your company and brand are always represented in a first class manner. Before allocating agents to a task, we first screen them for suitability and once appointed provide them with ongoing training and support.
 What agent quality control measures do you have in place?
At the hiring stage we use a profiling system to assess a candidate’s skill level and personality type. This is important to finding an agent who will be the right fit for the role. Next we provide them targeted training with special attention to specific individual needs of your business. Once an agent is active, we regularly assess their individual performance and provide them with ongoing training.
 Can I choose my agents?
You are more than welcome to be involved in selecting your agents. We can screen the candidates and pass a shortlist to you for your consideration, or if you’d prefer us to save you time, we can handle the entire hiring process for you.
 What can I do if I’m not happy with an agent?
If you feel an agent allocated to your project isn’t working out or performing to your expectations, we will gladly work with you to explore whether it is a matter of further specialised training, or whether the agent should be replaced with someone more suitable.
 Do we pay in Australian dollars? Do we pay GST?
Yes. You will be invoiced by Focus Call Solutions which is an Australian registered business.
 Is outsourcing tax deductable?
Yes our services are claimable, although we recommend speaking with a registered accountant as to exactly what deduction is available for your individual business.
 What is the time difference with Manila?
This can vary depending on where you are within Australia and whether daylight saving time is applicable. For example, Sydney has a 3 hour time difference except during daylight saving time when it is a 2 hour difference. Western Australia doesn’t participate in daylight saving time and always shares the same time as Manila. Regardless of a time difference our agents work to the operating hours of your business.
 Can I visit the office in Manila?
Absolutely! As we are located inside a secure building, we’ll need to organise authorised access for you, please feel free to contact us to arrange this.