The services offered by FOCUS Call Center Solutions include outbound services, inbound services, back-office and virtual PA services. FOCUS agents are well trained and proficient allowing them to handle large volumes of calls in a professional manner. The agents are provided in-house training starting from greeting the customers over the phone, calls pertaining to surveys, lead generation, verifications, collections and sales.

We will surely take care of your business, which keep you working in it, instead of on it.

 Appointment Setting
An indispensable asset for most firms whose revenues depend on a steady flow of sales. Our company helps businesses increase sales by setting appointments with qualified leads, strictly evaluated by our professional call representatives. Our professional, highly-trained team members will have intelligent dialogues with your key prospects, explaining the advantages of meeting with you.
 Event bookings and registrations
We provide event registration with automated confirmations, options for individual and group booking. We Administer the logistics for your event in means of booking and monitoring with the help our team of professionals.
 Order taking and payment processing
We have sales channels which are efficiently streamlined for your customers’ convenience. Our order taking specialists are able to handle these spikes in the number of calls, while still dishing out information about the diverse product catalogs that you might have.
 Sales conversions
Would you like to get a higher return on your marketing? No matter how great that last advertisement was, a sale just isn’t a sale until it’s done. Because of this we hire some of the best closers in the business. It’s not about pushy tactics that will tarnish your brand. Our inbound sales agents are real sales professionals who understand the delicate sales process and are trained to navigate your potential customers from mere curiosity or interest to desire and ultimately investment.
 Tech Support
Do have a product or service that some of your clients need a little extra help with? Sometimes people have difficulty grasping concepts, or things just simply go wrong and this can frustrating for your customers. The good news is these bumps in the road can be a golden opportunity to wow them with efficient and considerate assistance. Our Tech Support agents are trained with the following outcome in mind. To help your clients resolve technical issues whilst providing a calming and supportive experience overall.
 General Office Duties/Virtual PA
Some daily tasks are simply unavoidable, but could your time be better served elsewhere? Tasks like order taking, event bookings, registrations, appointment setting and data entry can easily be handled by our professional agents, allowing you to increase the efficiency of your business and have more control over your day.
 Product enquiries
When prompt responses can be the difference between a sale or a lost opportunity, are you responding fast enough? Our front line FAQ support can be a competitive edge that wins business and allows you to focus on the other tasks only you can do. Be it phone, email or online chat, FAQ support removes barriers to making sales, by seizing a customer’s full attention at a time that’s convenient to them, rather responding later, when the may have moved on to a competitor.
 Lead Generation
The sales opportunities are out there, but are you managing the time to find them? And do you really need more customers, or more of “the right” customers? The success of an organization is highly dependent on a steady stream of qualified leads. The Pareto Principle suggests that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients, so we’ll help you “identify” your ideal customer and assign a team with the experience and skill needed to mine for more of them. We’re dedicated to finding you the oysters with pearls inside, to reduce the time you might otherwise waste on empty shells.
 Appointment Setting
While finding new customers is important, are you really making the most of your past clients? A courtesy/follow up call is an extremely effective and personal way to drive customers to commit and schedule another appointment. Where a card in the mail may serve as a reminder for clients, even those with the best intentions may never get around to calling you. That’s where taking action with our appointment setting service can secure you ongoing business and build lasting client relationships.
 Business to Business
Our commitment and the expertise of its highly motivated and dedicated Business2Business professionals are responsible for setting us apart from the rest. Our approach involves strategizing, market research and integrated marketing communication. We develop a unique process and technologies to deliver a quantifiable return on investment through B2B outsourcing. We not only tap new business opportunities for our client but also manage existing customer relationship.
 Debt Collections
Do you feel uncomfortable chasing clients for money? Or would your time simply be better spent doing something else? We can relieve the anxiety and administrative burden of servicing collections accounts. Our Collections Outsourcing Service helps improve delinquency rates and rehabilitate client’s delinquency patterns. Our approach is aimed at producing results while maintaining a commitment to service.
 Insurance Leads
Insurance is a highly competitive sector of the economy clients need to be able to ensure a steady stream of qualified, telemarketed leads to ensure your sales team can meet their targets and your company profitability. Our telemarketing team is highly skilled and trained by industry professionals, so they are very competent at identifying insurance needs and opportunities with a prospect. In addition, we operate a very strict quality assurance program that checks each and every telemarketed insurance lead before it is passed on to you. If the lead does not meet our exacting standards we simply do not use it.